new beginnings: respite

emerge – commit – transform is a spiritual launch space for sovereign thinkers, wayshowers, trailblazers, organizers, and healers who are answering their calling and need respite.

emerge – commit – transform IS:

  1. a space for space
  2. a space for those on a spiritual journey, ascension or a spiritual awakening and are experiencing a deep sense of isolation and/or inner reflection
  3. a space to heal and (physically/spiritually) create
  4. a space with no schedules, prayer/meditation times or dogma
  5. a space for those over the “twin flame” rollercoaster and ready to take back their power
  6. a space to heal, celebrate and grieve/mourn for the past, future and knew you
  7. a space to gather your thoughts
  8. a space to laugh and cry with others who understand
  9. a space for those who are now questioning everything they once believed to be true
  10. a space for those who feel like they’ve been chasing the “white rabbit”
  11. a space for those who want to be left alone, but not be alone
  12. for those searching for answers within, not with-out
  13. a healing space for healers (of all modalities)
  14. a space for those at a pivotal crossroads in their journey
  15. a space for those not afraid of the emptiness of BEing
  16. a space for you to begin YOUR internal work before helping others
  17. a space for those who feel a calling
  18. a space for those who have experienced the “Tower”

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